Reasons to Be Cheerful – Week 8

Wow we’re in week 8 in Michelle’s blog hop already wow what an achieve for her!

So reasons this week.

1) Its half term and I’m still sane, and not just floating riding high on the last day, normally I would have been well and truly sunk by now, hating the week and wanting it to be over through exhaustion and lack of enthusiasm.

Also with husbter shift falling over the whole of half term I knew I would be carless. It made me pull my thumb out of my backside and really organise myself, making sure I had set plans for each day. You know what it worked, we have all had a ball, really had a good time with the ‘Mardi Gras’ theme. I have had so many comments from parents this week about how happy their children are in my care and it just give such a buzz.

2) I have put my laptop down 2 nights this week and spent time with my hubster. Sounds strange, but I can get

that wrapped up in online world that I know that I put hubster 2nd best to an extent. I prepared dinner last night so that when I got back in from my second job last night we could eat together just us two, and watch a film

together. We watched ‘Memento’ , on recommendation from Metal Mummy’s Movie Meme. It was good, very confusing however after the lovely SAHMlovingit came to the rescue and now I understand it a little more, tehe.

3) That I have realised all by my little own self that I have been spending too much time on my laptop. This is a big thing for me. I normally end up having huge rows with hubster about it, “it is my escape”. Which yes it is however, the more time I spend online the more I go into a depression. However I have noticed I started spiraling before anyone else did this time and I am doing things myself to stop it, rather big pat on the back for me :).

Nice few inches off the shoulders again for this week.

Can’t wait to read yours



Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy From the Heart



6 responses to “Reasons to Be Cheerful – Week 8

  1. I can so relate to the laptop addiction and neglecting your loved ones! I need to find some balance. We should set up a support group!!! Well done for realising the problem for yourself before it spiralled out of control! Your film and dinner ‘date’ sounds fab…but that film is totally confusing xxx

  2. I’m really bad about the amt of time I spend online. I’ve gotten to the point where I’ll give myself a curfew and say “at 8:30, I’m shutting it off.” Sometimes it works…

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