What is Beauty?

Beauty which is something we all seem to crave. Something most people don’t think they have.

This is disappointing because everyone has beauty in their lives. You only need to open your eyes to see beauty.
You might not see it when you look in a mirror I know I don’t, however I just need to walk down the corridor and look at my children to see beauty.
Even if you don’t have children there is still daily beauty a flower, rain on a window pane, even an ice cold pint of beer.
Beauty to me is anything that has been made with love and care. Not just man made but higher forces at work, what ever they maybe to you.
Beauty really is in the eyes of the beholder, open your eyes and see what sheer beauty is around you.

One response to “What is Beauty?

  1. You look pretty on the 3 or 4 photos I’ve seen of you, but there’s no telling some people!!! >:-p

    Isn’t it amazing how we see ourselves (and our partners, of course) in our children and think them the most beautiful thing we ever did see, but don’t really rate ourselves? Craziness!

    I’m no green-fingered tree hugger but I see plenty of beauty around now the trees are greening up and the daffs and snowdrops are out. Love it! x

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