Dear So and So . . .

Dear Weather –

I would really like it if you would make your mind up. My house is filled with mud and my washing machine is on none stop.


A fed up Mother


Dear Gabriel,

I am really looking forward to our afternoon at the match. Mummy has waited a long time to have some Mummy/Gabriel. I really do love spending time with you and we will do things more often I promise.

Ever Loving




Dear Tuffer,

Thank you for being you, ever patient, ever loving, forever you. It’s nearly been 5 years since I walked down that aisle and I am grateful that you are still by my side. I hope you will be there till the day we fall asleep for the last time.

Love you with all my heart

Your Angel



My fantastic big sister,

I am ever so proud of you for finally taking control of your love life. I know you have been unhappy for ever such a long time, now its time to put your best foot forward and dust off those cobwebs. I am right behind you every step of the way.

Your baby sister




Dear Reuben,

You just carry on being you!

I love you





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