Silent Sunday -It’s a Dog’s Life


Silent Sunday


18 responses to “Silent Sunday -It’s a Dog’s Life

  1. Aw, that’s Toby is too cute!

    Right missy….I didn’t know you’d completely moved your blog. I thought you’d been quiet as the last entry I had on my feed was your Gallery entry. I just thought you’d not posted. Now I get your comment on my blog and I’m like “Who’s that who says our babies are two soon” and I click on it and I see Toby staring me. You’re seriously trying to confuse me missus!

    Will try and catch up with your blog posts later. Will also update my blogger feed with your new address.

  2. He’s lovely. We looked after two beagles for 3 months and I’m afraid they are not my favourite breed in terms of temperament etc but I can appreciate they are handsome dogs.

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