Movie Meme – Black and White

This week’s topic is Black and White in Hannah’s Movie Meme. The film I have chosen has a twist. However as soon as I read the genre I knew straight away which it was.

This film was released in 1939, directed by Victor Fleming and based on a book by L.Frank Baum. It won an ‘Academy Award for Best Original Song’, which is a still an infamous today. The sequel of this film came out the year I was born in 1985. It’s prequel is due for release in 2013 with Johnny Depp  and Sam Raimi directing it. It has also had a fabulous stage review, as well as an African-American  version and a newer spin off of an equally famous Stage show which now has its own huge following.

Have you guessed it yet?

It is none other that the fantastic

That’s my twist – its not entirely Black and White – as when Dorothy is taken to her fantasy land of Oz it all goes Technicolor.

For it’s time the film was out of this world and it still pulls me in and makes me watch it from beginning to end now. With  the amazing Judy Garland in her first main role.

I am sure many a people may consider Sin City –  Schindler’s List. However this film may have been the beginnings of what became a complete love of all things musical.



7 responses to “Movie Meme – Black and White

  1. What a fabulous choice! I adore this film. I also love the sequel because its so dark. Haven’t actually read much about the prequel, will look into that too. I definitely agree when you say this film started all things musical. It’s fabulous. Great choice x

  2. Brilliant choice! I watched this film at least 2000 times when I was a kid, and never failed to be in awe when they landed in Oz and everything was suddenly in glorious technicolour!

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