Listography – Pet Hates



This is my first week jumping on Kate takes 5 Listography. I kept thinking to myself. No not this week, I can’t really think of 5 pet hates.

Then as you are going about your business and someone does something or you see/hear someone doing something you can’t help but ‘grrrrr’ to yourself.

So here are my current 5 pet hates – I am sure they will change: –

1) Baby Speak -Letting your children carry on speaking in a baby language. Honestly do you want your child to be saying words like – biswicks instead on biscuits. Nap nap for nappy. Dodi for a dummy. Yes I fully understand that we don’t are children to grow up to fast however once your child is speaking full sentences then please correct them with their words.

2) Huffing/Puffing/Tutting – If you don’t like something and you know me, tell me, don’t just huff it grates on me and unless you tell me what it is that annoys you how am I supposed to change it? If you don’t know who gives you the right to judge me?

3) Interrupting – This is mainly aimed at my husband and his family, and everything I am currently writing they know, I tell them to their faces. I hate it when you are mid-sentence and people interrupt. Is what I am saying that boring that you feel the need to not let me finish.

4) Bad Manners – Please’s and Thank you’s don’t cost anything however they will get you very far. I just don’t understand why when you kindly hold the door open for a stranger, or move to let someone sit down, even down to silly things like giving right of way on a road  why it is that can’t you say thank you. Pete’s sake(don’t know who this Pete is however I would one day like to meet him as I am always talking about his sake, note to self add it to Bucket List) my 6 and soon to be 2 year old (day after SAHMlovingit‘s little Girl), even all my mindee’s have flawless manners,so really just use them.

and finally

5) 2 faced people – Really if you don’t like me why are you friends with me. If you have a problem with me why don’t you just tell me instead of waiting until my back is turned and stabbing the knife in good and proper.

So there we go, does actually feel very good to get some of that off my chest. If you relate with mine why don’t you have a wander over to Kate Takes 5 and see her’s and everyone else’s.



2 responses to “Listography – Pet Hates

  1. Neverfoundtheplot’s list was really rubbish wasn’t it? She sounds like a right… – Oh Hi, it’s you!! Fabulous list, really fabulous. Lets do lunch sometime. Mwah! 😉

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