Why is that some female’s beat themselves up about it, when really it’s the male’s fault. I have known of females who have try wierd and wonderful things to aid in changing it when again it’s mainly down to the males.

I’m talking about the gender of our children of course and not intercourse!

I have 2 perfect boys, and as my youngest little critter was handed to me for the for the first time(which happens to be 2 years ago on Saturday, somebody pass me the tissues) I was secretly over joyed to have had another boy.
My husband  once the initial shock of the early and fast delivery(3 weeks early, 59 minute labour), I stood back and physically watched the disappointed in his face happen.
He had wanted a little girl! He wanted to break the family’s tradition! As far back as anyone in their family remembers and census’s read women have only ever been married into his family. The couples then went on to have boys, only ever boys.

I on the other hand, I was looking at all of the plus’ involved in having the same sexed child. The clothes and toys can all be recycled. The majority of their youth can be spent doing similar activities, instead of one at dancing and one at football, very clicheish I know however these where my thoughts and nearly 2 years later and they haven’t changed.

Don’t get me wrong the allure to have a girl is there, it’s the unknown to me. If I was in the financial situation to have another child, it would be for wanting another child to add to our brood though. I would still wait the entirety of my pregnancy before finding out what sex the child is and feel blessed once it had happen regardless of sex.

But why is it that we care so much in the first place about the sex of our children? Should it not just be a case of being blessed with the knowledge that we can bare children and that they are healthy? The first words out most people’s mouth after a 20 weeks scan is, so did you find out the sex? What are you having? According to statistics 47% of first time parents now find out the sex of their children! have we forgotten what we have our 20 week scan for?  Its is to find out abnormalities. I have strong feelings about this scan because what happen in G’s 20 week scan.

What are you thoughts on finding out the sex of your unborn child/children? If you found out, why? If you didn’t, what were your reasons?


5 responses to “Sex

  1. You already know my thoughts on the sex matter as you commented on my post:

    As for the 20 week scan thing, I think if people want to find out then that’s entirely up to them, I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all and I’d never judge someone for their decision even though I wouldn’t be jumping to find out myself.

    Definitely agree the 20 week scan is to find out about abnormalities which should be anyones prime concern and it is a shame that the first words are “Did you find out the sex?”. A real shame. Pretty much the same as what I said in my post about the first words when I announced my pregnancy was “What sex do you want?”

    It’s just one of those things built into people I think. The same people that see a woman of a certain age who’s childless and say “Do you not want children?” Not even thinking that maybe that person can’t have children.

    You’ll never change some people.

    Ooooh got a bit on my soapbox there again! Sorry hun x

  2. Totally agree with this. There are too few surprises in life. I had a little girl and would have been equally as overjoyed if I had a boy. My husband and I both thought before we had children that we would want a boy and a girl. Now our opinions have totally changed and we would count our blessing that we were lucky enough to have 2 healthy children.

  3. I wanted to know, as I mentioned in my post yesterday. It was a humourous post which flippantly dealt with the horror I felt when I thought the Doc was telling me my 6 month old little girl might be a boy! You get to know them as little people and gender is part of their identity.

    As for the 20 weeks scan – this was particularly worrying to me as I’d not been able to keep food or liquid down or most of my pregnancy so I was scared I’d starved him or her and because of all of this I cared less than I had at the start. But yes, I did still want to know and I took no offence at others wanting to either as I felt no pressure for either sex aside from the insistence from my inlaws that it WOULD be a boy. So the miscievous part of me wanted a girl even more to prove my never wrong FIL WRONG.

    I won’t lie – I did want a girl as I knew it was likely to be my only child and I already had a stepson. I would have loved it equally had it been a boy, but I’m not going claim I didn’t have a preference. I never used to want kids so pehaps I’m not the natural earth mother that a lot of women are. That aside I think a lot of women for whatever reason want a son or daughter and have no control over their feelings. I don’t think we should all have to pretend we don’t to avoid judgement.

    As for wanting to know, I found it hard to wait once I got well – if there’s something to know I just HAVE to know it. I certainly have no regrets as the “It’s a girl/boy!” moment would have been ruined by the urgency of it all anyway when health most certainly WAS my primary concern.

    Sorry for the long comment 🙂

  4. Ps Just re-read my rant and *cough* I made the assumption you didn’t like it sugar coated 😉

    Incidentally, I’d still want to know every single time. I’m like a kid on Christmas eve 😀

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