Listography – Our 5 Children’s Books


Over a Kate Takes 5 Listography this week is your favorite children’s books.

1)Room on a Broom – I adore Julia Donaldson books all of them, however we were firstly introduced to the amazing world of Julia Donaldson through this book it remains our favorite.




2) Ten Little Finger and Ten Little Toes – This book came free in one of Reuben’s BookStart boxes. We fell in love straight away, this has probably got a lot to do with the fact that we turned it into 1 great big tickle fest. With lovely rhyme and dependant on if you’re in that area its free from your local library, always a bonus.



3) The Very Hungry Caterpillar – I love most Eric Carle books, From Head to Toe, Slowly Slowly said the Sloth. This book reminds me of my youth, I love the colours and the way it teaches simple Maths. There isn’t a bad word I can say about this book. It should be a must on everyone’s book shelf.


4) Calm Down Boris – My children are laughing before I even start reading this book. It is a puppet book where just playing kiss your children and eats their fingers. Not really the best just before bed though ;P.





5) Dear Zoo – Again another classic, it was this book that taught Reuben the names of the animals and their sounds.





There are so many amazing children’s books out there. And I feel reading is such a crucial activity to do with your children.  Watching engaged faces is one of the best things in my job.


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