Movie Meme – Directors

Well week 3 of Hannah’s Movie Meme and it’s still going well done you! This weeks theme is ‘Directors’.

In the middle of making pancakes for the 10 thousand this morning, I was writing away about ‘Baz Luhrmann’, and it wasn’t until walking on the school run that it hit me. Yes I adore Baz and his red curtain trilogy however he is not my favorite director.

My favorite director is dark and gothic and not only known for directing but for his art, his dark mind and his producing.

His films always have the same underlying gothic theme and of late has a habit of picking the same 2 people for his leads roles. Well I suppose he will be on a sex ban if he doesn’t give the lead female to his beloved wife.

Yes you have guessed it the fabulous ‘Tim Burton’!

I love his work and from the first time of watching Edward Scissorhand’s at maybe a mere age of a bout 8 I fell in love. The Beetlejuice and mine and my 6 year old favorite the infamous ‘The Nightmare before Christmas’.

This list of his films that I adore go on and on and on, Batman just isn’t the same without his touch. And did you known Disney bought the rights to Alice in Wonderland in 1993 whilst his was producing Nightmare.

My top 5 Tim Burton classics are:






1) And it goes without saying

And I leave this week on a song that a adore and when it was used on a christmas advert last I was like a giddy child!

Enjoy and don’t get to check out the other great entries this week.


11 responses to “Movie Meme – Directors

  1. i agree Tim Burton has made some brilliant films i am not sure which one is my favourite though too many excellent ones to choose from!

  2. I usually read everybody else’s contributions first to avoid doubling up but with two poorly little one’s to look after, I didn’t have time for anything other than a speedy link up. Testimony to the brilliance of Tim Burton that we should both choose him 🙂

  3. Love Tim Burton!

    I agree about the Batman – he knew how to put the Goth in Gotham.

    Nostalgically Beetlejuice is my favourite, but ‘What’s This’ is my favourite animated song of all time x

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