The Gallery – One Word

Over at Tara’s Sticky Fingersshe thought she would be nice to us this week and set the theme  as One Word.
Any word you like: Up, spring, sunrise, snotty, peaceful, scream, fast, digital, lazy, sleepy, cake.

Her exact words were

I have a gift for you this week, a GIFT I tell you.
Possibly your easiest theme ever.
Hmm, actually when I say the easiest ever I lie because you are going to have so much to choose from you’ll probably complain that it’s too tough anyway!
I really can’t win with you lot can I?

For most normal, sane people this would be seen as a blessing. Myself being a complicated soul found this one quiet difficult. I would have loved to have done something really arty and creative. However I am none of these things and no time to do it also.

So I ran round my house on Tuesday night wondering what on earth I could do. Love, Birthday, Dog,Moving.

I was then sat on my landing when I remember the one job I had promised I would do for week now. So before I cleaned it I took a picture. So my One Word is:

So there you have it folks and whilst I am away finally cleaning the nocks and crannies go and have a look at everyone else’s entries.


14 responses to “The Gallery – One Word

  1. So much for not being ‘arty’! – this is a very arty shot! I could imagine it as part of a publicity campaign for a new perfume…though not sure what the tag-line would be…’Dust: smell like your curtain poles’!hmm

  2. I agree, cool arty shot!

    It’s amazing where dust gets isn’t it? I was confronted the the top of our bedroom doorframe yesterday after stripping wallpaper from above it. Guess there’s over 3 yearsworth there, for shame x

  3. where does it all come from? I mean, we are out most of the time? I used to blame it on the cat, then the cat died and I thought I would never have to dust again – no such luck!
    fabulous photo, great theme x

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