30 Day Song Challenge – Day 6

Day 06 – A song that reminds of you of somewhere 6/3/2011

Lourdes Easter 2000 – it was such an amazing holiday on so many different levels. 1) seeing on mass all these people who had come in order to be cured, you really do become engrossed in the whole idea and you start to believe and want yourself at that these strangers can just get up from their chairs and walk. 2) We walked up the 14 stations of the cross which may I add is up a whopping great big hill. Helping a disabled boy up the route. He was all there in the mind and spent the entire time having me in stitches with all the hand puppets he kept producing, he just had no mobility from his waist downward, this didn’t stop his spirit. He was one of the most humbling days of my life. Did make me realise how lucky I am. 3) It was first holiday away from parents, yes it was with school however the rules where more lapse. I remember walking up on Easter Sunday after being a part of the most moving candle lit parade I will ever witness and all of a sudden 52 of us where in a circle around a busker singing Don Mclean’s American Pie at the top of our voices. Such an amazing memory!



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