Get Married in an unconventional way

Number 12

So again I am cheating with this one as it was completed before I started doing my bucket list. However not many people can say they had a medieval wedding can they ;p

I got married 5 years ago today on 11th March 2006 at 1:30pm. It was a cold and actually ended up snowing.Like every little girl I wanted to be a princess on my wedding day, and in order to be a princess I would need my own castle wouldn’t I? So a castle  I got. Ruthin Castle to be exact. A gorgeous red brick castle built in 1277.  Although large parts were destroyed in the 17th century, the ancient ruins were added to from 1826 to create the present castle which forms the core of the hotel. Her scenic grounds feature an original walled dry moat and acres of private landscaped gardens, parks and woodland, resting alongside the River Clwyd.

I woke at 5:30am, waking everyone in my house jumping around like a kid at christmas. My friends had stayed over the night before and they had all been heavily drinking so they hang overs to say the least. However I needed to get to the hairdresser’s for 8am and get Gabriel sorted. So showered fed and to the hair dresses. By the time we had done all that it was time to set off for Ruthin. I was driving there and it takes roughly 45 minutes in no traffic. I think we left for about 10am. Me being me though hadn’t checked for petrol the night before so we did have to stop off for petrol and yes I already had my veil in :S

So we get to the castle and I am shown to my newly decorated bridal suite. Amazed is all I can say! Huge doesn’t cover it. A gorgeous bed up on a pedestal in the middle of the room, with what appeared to be a dance floor behind it. To walk around the room divide a double ended bath back to back to the headboard.  A bed filled with roses of every colour and their meanings left to me by my husband to be.  The bathroom was bigger than my bedroom is now and how shocked was I to find a pole smack bang in the middle of the shower. Never did get to use it. Every person that walked past I dragged in to show off this room, it truly was magnificent.

The drinking then started, well I needed my dutch courage didn’t I, oh and warming up. I was freezing, snow was broad-casted. 4 people 3 bottles of champagne later I was just tiddly enough to walk down the aisle. Dress on, make up done, hair still perfect. Gabriel melting even the coldest of hearts in his suit. I looked out of the window to see my visitors suited and booted arriving, the peacocks roaming across the land. The my big brother walked in to take me to my new life.

So into the room where we get married, a huge crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling and the most gorgeous fireplace. Floor to ceiling mirrors throughout. It was a very majestic room. Filled on the left with my family and friends and the right with Chris’. Gabriel had fallen over so wasn’t a happy bunny. Margaret (Chris’ mum) came to the rescue and nearly cried when she saw me. And just before I took that step into the room where Ava Maria was playing my brother turned and look at me and stay, “Car’s running do you want to leg it?”. Typical. The ceremony was lovely, Gabriel had everyone in stitches at blurting out “hiya”, just as I was about to say “I do”.

It was then time for the photos, it was freezing so I think most people stayed huddled around the bar to keep warm. I am not actually on every photograph, Chris is. I was too busy getting a Jack Daniel’s from the bar to warm me up. At this point everyone thought the room we had gotten married in was getting all changed round for the wedding breakfast.How wrong they were.

We walked down corridors that were getting narrower and colder until we reached the only bit of the castle that was still medieval to have the doors opened and to be faced with a Jester. Yes you read it right a Jester.

The room that our Wedding Breakfast took place in was called the Banqueting room, and it was laid out with benches and candles, goblets and 2 thrones. There was bibs and only a dagger to eat with. It looked spectacular. We were place upon our throne and crowns put well dug onto our heads.

We dined on a 4 course meal, and free-flowing mead, white and red wine. All served by wenches and performers through out.The looks on everyone’s faces were out of this world. As the snow fell on the ground the wine flowed and the ladies sung. The harp played and the fire soared. It was by far the best day of my life and still to this day people comment on what a fabulous wedding it was. How unusual it was.

The next morning we woke up to find the castle kiss blanketed in snow. It was an amazing sight to behold. It was slightly like the icing on the cake as such. Apart from being left to dig the car out whilst Chris thanked all our guests.


So this magically unconventional, surprise wedding day was by far one of the best days of my entire life and it will take a million things to beat this. I leave this entry with some more photos of my magically day and I hope you enjoyed reading it.





























I Love You Tuffer, My baby-faced Husband.








5 responses to “Get Married in an unconventional way

  1. Very cool! I say my unconventional wedding was in Vegas…only because I’m a very non-Vegas person. And it was broadcast on webcam for friends and family back home

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