Oh how I love to play!

Well tots100 newest blog hop is ‘Learning through Play’. It struck  a chord with me. Being a childminder it is something I do without even thinking.

Play time is amazing. Amazing to take part in, amazing to watch, amazing to hear, amazing to smell and amazing to touch.

The learning part comes naturally. The smallest of things we do with our children is learning through play from counting the steps to making a den.

We love to play outside, whatever the weather, after all we own wellies and a washing machine we’re out there. We discovered crabbing over the summer. The joy of sitting back and watching my son learning and laughing was a memory I will take to the grave. As a family we bought a caravan last year which meant our holidays went back to basics very ‘Enid Blyton’ spending days down at the beach, discovering the sea, the coves and the sand. It’s days like this that takes me back to being a child, and it is not just my boys that are learning on those day I am learning too. Learning is not just for children we all learn day in day out till the day we die so why can’t we do it through play also. Who was it that stated that playing had to stop once adulthood started?

Laughing to me is key to childhood. If their laughing their enjoying themselves. If their enjoying themselves they are more engaged which means you’ve guessed it the learn more. Put your self in their shoes, literary. Get down to their level play as they play. If you are interested in them, they will feel loved and appreciated and again they are more likely to flourish.

Simple ideas for ‘Learning through Play’

Role Play

Playing shoot them ups.                                                              Playing house.





Dress Up.







Gloop – Cornflour and water, the most fantastic feeling. I spent hours playing with this with the kids.





Food – be it carving/ cooking or baking it is a great way to play with children. It teaches them key life lessons from be able to fend for them selves to more importantly health and safety.







Sand, water and soil.











The Great Outdoors

Wet, snow, sun you name it get out there.



I think the point I am trying to get across with this blog is everything we do as parents is learning through play. Talk to your child ask them questions. We are teachers as well as parents. Have faith in yourself and enjoy the play.


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