It is human nature I think to wallowing in our own self-pity. We get so used to our everyday mundane lives that we switch off to the real hardship all around us.

I am the worst for thinking my life is over because something minor hasn’t gone my way. But do you know what I am still here, my son’s are still here and healthy, My husband still loves me, we have a house, a car, food in our bellies, plenty of luxuries, so why do I complain?

The Japanese TsunamiĀ that has developed over the weekend is just heartbreaking. These people didn’t ask for it Mother Nature just decided that on that day she would be a bitch. My prayers really do go out to these people and all of the families of the victims.

Last November my best friend lost her dad very suddenly, her world as she knew it fell apart. I look at her now she has a part of her missing, a piece that we will never get back, I try my best to be there for her, hold her hand were needed, but no-one will ever will that empty vast of her’s. It is just heartbreaking to watch someone I love go through real loss.

This Friday it Red Nose Day. A day that for me is filled with laughter and plenty of tears. I hate watching how in this developed country with all the benefits etc we have in this country yet people still live in such extreme poverty I am truly blessed with what I have and I need to take a step back more often and realise this.


4 responses to “Wallowing

  1. I have been thinking along the same lines. The tragedies of nature in Japan, Australia, Pakistan and Haiti in the last year or so should make us realise how lucky we actually are, no matter what else is going on in our lives. And yes, we have much to be thankful for.

  2. Only just seen this Vickie. Great post and so true that sometimes we need to look at what’s important and be so thankful. It’s one of the reasons I started my volunteer role with Save The Children x

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