Movie Meme – Teddy Daniels

So this week’s Movie Meme is all about Leonardo DiCaprio.

I have to admit I really wasn’t a fan, films like The Aviator, Catch if you can, The Beach, all made me cringe. I didn’t like any of the films and it was to do with him.

Romeo and Juilet – if it wasn’t for good old Baz I wouldn’t have loved it.

Don’t even get me started on Titanic, pretty please may I have those 194 minutes of my life back. I watched it on my first ever date was to watch this, needless to say that relationship didn’t last much longer than the film haha.

However on a bored Saturday night a few months back my husband and I rented ‘Shutter Island’, at first as usual I was hesitant because of the line up, but I gave it a chance. It started off the usual way, Leo in a period film. Boring. However I was captivated, the story line pulls you in. It’s a film filled with questions, not just once on-screen but yourself you question.

It is a fab film and for those who haven’t watched it, its well worth a watch. But make sure your awake it’s a thinker.


9 responses to “Movie Meme – Teddy Daniels

  1. The clever photo manipulation on the DVD box cover makes Di Caprio look incredibly dark and dangerous. I don’t think he ever quite pulled that off in the actual film though. Thoroughly enjoyable none the less.

  2. Brilliant film and another great performance. Not a huge fan of Titanic either (until it starts sinking – then it’s cool) and I really didn’t think he was right for the role.

    Shutter Island really does make you think – good write-up. x

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