Reasons to be cheerful – Week 11

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy From the Heart

1) Here comes the sun, do it do do, here comes the sun and I aye say it alright! Yes it’s sunny outside people I have actually not worn a coat for 2 whole days. It’s it amazing what a bit of sun does to improve people’s moods.

2) It’s RND people some fun and laughter all round and all in aid of such an amazing cause. Myself, Hubster G and R will be watching it tonight along with our house guests for the evening, my niece and nephew. How sad that this is a highlight for me along with Children in Need and Eurovision.

3) Olympic ticket went live this week, I am so excited about going, we have only put forward a couple because we know we won’t be able to afford many in May which is a shame but going to 1 is going to be an experience none the least.

4) I got through to the second round of X-Factor it gave me a boost to know that when people are telling me I have a good voice that they actually meant it.

Have a hop over to Michelle’s site to see what is making everyone cheerful this week.


5 responses to “Reasons to be cheerful – Week 11

  1. Woo hoo! Diva star extraordinaire in the making! Did you meet any of the judges yet or does that bit come later? Hope to see you on the TV (shameless X Factor addict)

    I’m still wearing a coat by the way – takes something a bit more tropical to get this lizard out of her layers! x

  2. Thanks for my Happy St Patricks Day 🙂
    If you’re a RND fan you should participate in Him up North’s linky 🙂 (take a look at mine).
    “The Boy and Me” was saying it was sunny yesterday, and it wasn’t here and still isn’t today. Where is it sunny??? I am in overcast cold London and it rained all morning…

  3. I share some of your reasons this week over at http;// but have a rotten voice so no X factor news which is a shame as I would love to meet Simon Cowell.
    Well done you for having a go and when you win, I will use you as my claim to fame!

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