Movie Meme – Week 5

This week theme is Favourite Actor. The lovely Hannah has even admitted herself that this is going to be a difficult task.

There are many an actor that I admire the work of , Colin Firth(maybe just for the totty though, doesn’t matter what role I always see him coming out of the lake in that white shirt yum yum), of course the fabulous Johnny Depp however he only really covers the area of strange and wired, but in that area he is amazing. Ewan Mcgregor is another fantastic actor from Big Fish to Star Wars I always sit back and admire his work unfolding on the screen. Sir Ian Mckellen and Sir Anthony Hopkins are mind-blowing and always have me wanting more.

Now I am torn between 2 and in all seriousness I can not choose so I do both firstly

The amazing Tim Curry and in this picture he is playing my favourite role of his. – Frank-N-Furter. There is something sinister about him. His dead eye stare and bone chilling voice.  He is a well rounded actor, known not only for film roles, but voice overs and TV Series and most importantly his stage work.

He is a great example of British acting and there must be something to do with 1946 that produced great British actors because my other choice is also a British actor born in the same year. He is none other than the fabulous Alan Rickman (yes I think I have something for the bad guy) again in this photo it is my favourite role of him – Robin Hood and the Prince of

Thieves – well lets face it someone had to make up for Kevin Costner’s ham acting! He has had roles in some of the most prestigious film for the past 3 decades(wow seems wired typing that) From playing Severus Snape in the Harry Potter films to more recently the blue caterpillar in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.

I love to praise British Actor, we have produced some of the most amazing and talented people within their field. They tend to be classically trained and well versed in Shakespeare. So there are my choices however it was not easy to choose even those 2 as to me so many people in this field deserve more credit than what they get.


Why don’t you pop over to Hannah’s site and check out who everyone loves, then tell us your choices!


11 responses to “Movie Meme – Week 5

  1. Aha, another Alan Rickman fan – I love him. He’s fab as Metatron in Dogma and who can forget his role as Hans Gruber in Die Hard.

    Tim Curry is fab too. I love Rocky Horror – I know every single word I’ve watched it that many times…sad I know… and I can’t wait until F is old enough to watch it so we can leap about together.

    Both Tim and Alan has AMAZING voices which is what I think also helps to their acting talent.

    So forgot Colin Firth. Which is SO bad considering The Kings Speech is one of my fave movies. He would probably get my vote too 🙂

  2. Alan rRickman is such a great British actor and plays the bad guy so well, with that voice if hi! He was great when he hammed it up in Robin Hood and yet played the romantic ghost well in – oh bugger what was that film called? He dies but she can see him? Sorry baby brain strikes again! Hope you know the one I mean? And of course is great in the Harry
    Potter films.

  3. Love both these two. Tim Curry is and always will be the best Frank n Furter, goodness he had good legs, I wish mine looked that good in fishnets. He is SUPERB in The Muppets Treasure Island as Long John Silver too. I love Alan Rickman in Die Hard, I know it’s hammy but he is brilliant against John McClane….I love his fall too, even though the effects are rubbish now. I can’t wait to see him come into his own as Snape in HP 7b. They’ve both got delectable voices too 😉

  4. Alan Rickman was my “man with the voice” in my meme. I love that man.

    I love Tim Curry too. Did you see him in a recent episode of Criminal Minds? He played a vile vile man, but he was absolutely amazing at it. Brilliant British talent, both of them x

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