The Gallery – Education

I saw this theme last week and thought, Ooooo yeah I can go through my work photos and find a really good arty one.

I also thought I could take one in the run up! However I didn’t get chance/completely forgot!

So I come to school this morning with all my excuses:

The dog ate it!

My sister made it into a paper aeroplane and now it’s on the roof!

My folks thought it was rubbish and it’s in the bin!

Aliens took it as a sample of human handwriting!

My teaΒ splitΒ over it and ruin it!

The baby tore it up!

We had to light the fire!

It was put in the paper shredder by accident!

I lent it to my friend and he/she lost it!

So after my list of lame excuses and the fact that I still don’t have a photo this is where I have been placed!


Now go over to Tara’s site and check out the A+ students!


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