A little dream of mine has come true!

Well not many of you lot know this however I had actually received a place at The University of Sheffield to study Journalism(had to get the correct grades like), however the day after receiving that fabulous letter through the post I pissed on 5 little white sticks and each and every one of them had 2 blue lines, which meant bye bye University of Sheffield, hello University of Parenthood.

Anyways that was now 7 years ago and that was a distant memory, or so I thought.

Yesterday I got the most fabulous email from Becca at Brew Drinking Thinkings informing me that my recent application for becoming a writer had been accepted and would I like the position of Children’s Activity Writer. Well erm let me think about that one …. HELL YES!

I am now one very happy bunny and here’s to living the dream hey!

So go ahead and check the most fabulous new Uber blog magazine out, register and give myself the fabulous Becca , Hannah, Lena and all the other fantastic writers some feedback on this amazing new venture!


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