Flashback Friday – 1986

This photo is a rare photo. This is my family, all of us my Mum at the head of the table and all 5 of my sister’s and my brother. I assume this photo was taken the night before my 2nd eldest wed! I don’t quiet know who is taking the picture . And looking at the drinks around the table shows how times have changed. Me the baby was not quiet 2 in this photo yet I have a glass full fat coke. I even shudder at giving  my 6 year old coke, so the thought of R drinking coke is a complete no go. My brother who is only 15 has a beer and by the looks Hannah who will have just turned 5 has a half pint also haha.

However I do love this photography because it was the last photograph taken as a full Smith table, now out of the 8 of us only 3 are Smith’s now!


12 responses to “Flashback Friday – 1986

  1. Oooh this is a posh new look blog! Very cool!
    It’s a lovely photo showing all your family – just right for flashback Friday 🙂

  2. Oh bless…what a wonderful shot to share for #FlashbackFriday. I used to drink Coke at a very early age as well! That was in the 70’s…oh dear. Now, I’ll consider my job done if Little Miss NEVER has a Coke! 😉

    Thanks for linking up lovely!

  3. Indeed how times have changed with regards to alcohol! We used to go to Majorca every summer and my parents would fill up empty litre coke bottles with whisky, gin and run from the local distillery, once my brother aged 8/9 was found in the bath drunk on what he thought was coke but obviously was something a little stronger – oops!
    Great flashback!

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