The Aftermath

In watching the News this morning I am frankly appalled by the clean up after the weekend. Don’t get me wrong I was appalled by the actions of these activists, however did Cameron not have it coming by condoning what was going on Egypt.

So according to BBC News the clean up costs will run into the thousands. The majority of the ground floor windows in the Ritz were smashed as well as the copious amounts of graffiti all around the City. As a country we are copiously better off than the people who live in Middle Eastern countries. Only the rich get to go to University, so why is that we feel we should have the right to go and have it

paid for? Can I add I am Labour supporter however I also don’t

agree in why people go to university to study ‘mickey mouse’ courses instead of going to work and earning taxes and then contributing to our country economy.

What has angered me more is the fact that again our economy is going to bare the cost of this day? And not just through the cleaning products and replacing the damaged property, the thing that annoys me the most is the wages that will be paid to the people doing the clean. Surely this is where the 149 that have

been arrested and charged should do the clean up. Is this not a perfect opportunity for community service to do something of use?

I am all for the march in Hyde Park, the actual demonstration which was peaceful and unfortunately isn’t getting the press that is deserves due to these immature, unintelligent yobs who have now more than likely jeopardise the real march.


Pictures taken from Sky News.


12 responses to “The Aftermath

  1. Hi, I agree that it is sickening that important events like Saturdays March are hijacked by others with their own destructive agenda.

    I’m unclear, as to what you mean by

    ‘As a country we are copiously better off than the people who live in Middle Eastern countries. Only the rich get to go to University, so why is that we feel we should have the right to go and have it paid for?’

    Do you think that only the privileged should go to University? I personally think that University fee’s of £9000 a year will increase the division between the have and have nots. I am a great believer that everyone should have the opportunity of education, if they have the desire and ability. However, I think the current policy is going to have a huge affect on university take up from people from ‘non traditional’ backgrounds. I was and still am the only person in my family to have gone to university but I would not have gone had the fees been £9000.

    Lets just hope Saturday’s message does not get lost 🙂

    • It is not so much that I think only the ‘privileged’ should go to university. I have worded that wrong. It is more that I feel that people use ‘mickey mouse course’ i.e im going to get shot down now, business studies, media studies, Italian(if you want to study this go to Italy) etc instead of getting a job, thus having to pay tax and contribute toward the economy. I do this that raising the costs by triple the amount is silly yes, however if you train at university to study an academic subject e.g Medicine, education, engineering your wage will far out way what an none graduate would earn. People of my generation (early to mid 20’s and below) seem to be forgetting that a degree is an investment and in other to reep the benefits you will firstly have to pay out. In school we had it drummed into our selves that we must go to university, you wont get a job unless you have a degree and I firmly believe that this is wrong and that none academic areas such as plumbers/electricians are in demand and foreigner have taken the opportunity and now fill that gap.
      As I said I had originally wrote down my initial thoughts incorrect. It was meant to be my thoughts on the way we have our government money on the clean up and that we should use community service to do this!

  2. Theres no way that me and peterwill be able to afford this.

    If this carrys on we wont be able to support our child/children to go to uni.

    I have friends that cant go now they have changed the fees ect and thats with part time jobs…

    Mum and martin are high earners and they will really be struggling to pay for my brother to go to uni if he chooses to. Doesnt help that they are helping other family members money wise but its not the point.

    Most people now are really struggling for money.

    What does annoy as you have said is i know of people who i went to school with who have just gone and done willy nilly course so they dont have to go to work and now thy have finished they can use them because the have just done random things that have nothing to offer for a job

  3. I couldn’t agree with you more and ma sickened by what those idiots got up to in the name of democracy. You’re basolutely right THEY should be cleaning up their mess and learning that THAT is not the way to voicce an opinion

  4. I agree with everything you’ve written regarding the protest and those who spoiled it. I haven’t read the agent provocateur link but it’s struck me that these protests have been ruined on every single occasion by a group you can’t really tie to the movement they’re ‘supporting’ and I’m probably being a conspiracy theorist but you do have to wonder if it isn’t being orchestrated by some who would like to take the focus off the reasons for the protest, if you catch my drift…

    Such a suspicious character, me.

  5. Now, 2nd part of my comment – I can’t resist this.. 🙂

    I read Business Studies and am a Business Studies teacher. Mickey mouse subject you say?!?!? *evil laugh*


    Now, Ms Ford :p Whilst I wouldn’t argue that Business degrees are as important or academically challenging as Physics or Medicine I wouldn’t agree that they are Mickey Mouse. You have to get your head around a number of disciplines aside from the businesessy stuff including Economics (not easy AT ALL – I teach that in sixth form too); aspects of Phsychology; Law; Statistical analysis etc etc. Indeed I went on to study Law in a graduate degree and left after 10 months because it was so tedious. Whereas in my Business Degree I’d had to approach assignments using evaluative analysis of some pretty full-on theoretical concepts, in Law I just had to ‘remember stuff’ and no how to navigate my way round statute and case law directories. Yeugh.

    I also think all should be able to go to university if they wish and am disgusted with the tuition fee increases. I’m a Labour voter too though am perfectly aware that it was they who introduced them. I agree with fees in principle, but not when set so high as to be a barrier to entry for anyone working or middle class.

    Now the courses that aren’t as highly regarded will attract the right level of student – I see it as I’ve done UCAS references. They will be the ones who take graduate jobs in smaller organisations who don’t pay as well and therefore don’t attract the Redbrick highfliers. They have their place, and of course at the moment there aren’t jobs for all so I feel really sorry for school/college leavers right now.

    This is turning out to be dissertation-length so I’ll stop now 🙂

    • Tehe, in teaching it you will have studied a PCCE yes? No? I have to admit and sorry if this offends you however business studies degrees really grate on me and myself and my husband have this debate regularly. In falling pregnant without getting chance to do a degree I used my powers of speech and confidence and went into sales by 21 I was a sales manger running a building of 400 business’s and having to run 2 sites and on an awful amount of money. We know a couple who the female part studied business and by 21 she had only just graduated and struggled no end to get a job. That was 4 years ago and she still doesn’t have a job that warrants having a degree for she merely pushes paper round a desk and barely gets paid in the double figures yet was assured that she would have a job starting on 25k, I just feel careers like that should be taught in the job, yes if you want a degree you do it along side you job on day release and pay for it out your wages, as I stated a degree is an investment.

  6. Nah I’m not offended. We’re all entitled to our opinions and whilst I’ll stand up for the merits of the academic side of the degree I could be the same as the girl you mention if I hadn’t become a teacher – and yes, I do have a teaching qualification from a highly regarded Uni 🙂

    I can’t do the subject down as it would be a disservice to those I have taught, but I’ll be honest, I chose the degree on a whim after completing the first stage of a part-time English degree to gain what is the equivalent of a HNC. How often I regret not doing the further stages, even though it isn’t training for a job either. I will say though that now I have entrepreneurial ambitions a lot of it will come in useful – but you can pick up the practical stuff without studying Maslow or having to conduct research into the organisational glass ceiling *sigh* 🙂 x

  7. Hiya! Im sat in uni writing this right now so we all know wat side of the fence im on 😛

    Im studying law, but ive had to abandon every idea i had of becoming a solicitor. Not because of academic failings but because I wont be able to afford the £10,000 + of law school Which would involve a nasty bank loan which on top of my already raking up £22,000+ ive already racked up at uni (they start charging you interest the minute it goes in your account and each new payment gets more interest whacked on top didnt know this to i got my break down last year) so im heading into my second dream job Teaching. Im not going to be affected by the change of fees, but us students are already feeling it.

    my university have already started axing jobs which means im getting less support, theyre closing whole departments and cutting costs left right and centre.

    It costs me £2,986 for a room to stay in per year (if i can get a place on campus if not its scary houses that cost double that at least) its minimal an i often stare at my delightful breeze block walls (painted a lovely shade of cream) and think what the hell am i actually paying for.

    My loan a term comes in 3 times a year with £1,900 ish, which most covers accomodation and the rest i have to debate on whether to buy the latest text book (which is every semester to a year in law) or food and phone bill. usually its the books and phone bill so I know alot of amazingly cheap pasta dinners! And work a 20 hour job that i have to travel and hour to get paid buttons for 😦

    Being a student might look like fun an games to most but trust me its stressful, take it from the newly diagnosed anxiety suffer 😦

    I dont support the actions of the students who trashed london, but I can sympathise massively with the ones who went down there with the intention of opening the governments eyes. Theres always a minority that make a positive majority look awful.

    Not disagreeing with the thought that they shouldnt of acted like this, just giving you the students outlook on whats happening right now 🙂


    ps if we didnt have micky mouse causes who would create your tv programmes (media studies) and who would advice businesses and teach people about setting up their own businesses to better their lives (business studies sudents. you stumped me with italian other than they can become teachers to help better childrens education and knowledge of the world!

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