The Gallery – Hair

So this week’s Gallery theme over at Tara’s site is HAIR!

So I think of many an idea I could use, that horrendous style that my mother insisted doing to be as a newborn, brushing it all up in the centre of my head like she was going to put a ribbon in it, then didn’t so then stuck with this silly upwards spike in the middle of my head.

Then I noticed on Tara’s twitter in the week that people were going in try to reenact their school photo, which seemed promising as I do have the biggest life form growing on my chin currently but with spending time on BDT, I didn’t get the time to create my tomboy image I had in school.

finally I was going to attempt to take a picture of that annoying hair that my husband leaves on the toilet, yes you know what I am talking about, but I had cleaned the bowl earlier in the day thus none had appeared, so yet again I was back to square one!

Then I had a thought of our little family abnormality.

I have this coloured hair

My husband has this coloured hair

So how is it our little baby who started off as dark as this

ended up going so platinum

So now you’ve seen mine go and check out everyone else’s!


15 responses to “The Gallery – Hair

  1. I adore R’s hair so much – been too long since I last saw him…need to remedy that x

    My Mum and Dad both had dark hair and I was really blonde until I was about 5 🙂

  2. I was the same as a kid. I was born with black hair, then it was pure blonde at age 4, then at around six it was dark brown. You would never know the blonde kid was me…strange, lol x

  3. My youngest two were quite blond when they were little. Apparently DH was too but he’s very definitely brown now. Your boy is a real sweetie!

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