Cowboy Pie

So what is Cowboy Pie. The basis of it is a Shepard/Cottage Pie however the meat that you use can be changed to suit your tastes. Also Baked Beans are added to bulk out the meal, also adding extra carbs so filling us more.

With having so many mouths to feed in the week I tend to do BIG portions of everything I cook, however you can either a) scale down my recipe or b) freeze the second half for a later date.

My Recipe is:

1 Kg Mince (however you can use sausages or/and bacon)

6 Small Onions

Worcester Sauce

2 Tins of Baked Beans

Tomato Sauce

1.25Kg Potatoes

Grated Cheese (optional)


So firstly you cook the onions until they are soft then brown off the mince. Whilst cooked add enough Worcester sauce for your taste, in doing this sized dinner I tend to add half a bottle.

Then add the 2 tins of Baked Beans.

Once cooked through add some tomato sauce to your taste, I put in 2 big squeezes of a bottle.

Put your potatoes on to boil.

Transfer your mince to an oven proof dish.

Arrange your potatoes however you wish then pop some grated cheese on the top. Grill for a couple of minutes then serve.


With its sweet flavour it is a hit every time in this house with all the children and that includes the Hubster.




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