PreSchool Book Review

The lovely Coding Mamma all this week has hosted a ‘Book Week’ and today’s theme is Children’s Books. So with reading at minimum 4 books a day to my mindees these are my thought on Preschoolers books.

What makes a good book for pre-schoolers?
3 things mainly
1) Colour and lots of it, the brighter the better

2) Noises, accents, silly voices

3) Actions
These 3 things to me are what I watch all the children I read for interested in books. Most books can be adapted by a reader but for instant captivation I feel the 3 above things in a book draw children in with little effort from the reader.
You of course what to get the children involved in the reading process and flap and pull books always do this with18 months plus children and to me the books that win this category every time would be ‘Maisy’ books. Both of my sons have loved these books the way Lucy Collins has written these books with simple child like games incorporated is a winner in this house with

Being a winner every time. The colours, simple language and opportunity to put plenty of different voices to each character behind each flap had my children hooked from the first read. The great thing I found with Maisy books also was our local library has them in different languages so my boys learn simple words in French because they knew and trusted the characters so picked up the words easier.
Other books that are always a winner in this house are Eric Carle books, yes we all adore ‘The HungryCaterpillar’ however another book of his that we love is


This book has you doing actions and noises on every page so again the children become captivated and are always asking for it again and again.
We are of course huge Juila Donalson fans in this house however who isn’t the way she uses rhyme in each one of her story makes it so easy to read and listen to that you are eagerly awaiting her next release. As a family we were first introduced to ‘Room on a Broom’, which will always stay close to mine and my eldest sons heart, but a close second is


Along with Axel Scheffler’s amazing illustrations it makes for a fab read and a chance to act silly and with the happy ending my sons love it every time we read it.
Other authors that we love in this house include:
David Mckee – The Elmer Range
Jez Alborough
Sam Lloyd – The Boris series, a puppet book.
Rob Campbell – Dear Zoo



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  4. Thanks for these tips. Bub loves to read though at only 14 months lots of the pull and lift books tend to get ripped and ruined unless they are really robust. We’ve not yet tried the Maisy ones, will look out for them.

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