Over that Rainbow

Following on from my system post, I want to show you all how I have changed my life around and proven to everyone and most importantly myself I am worth something.

Yes everyone gets dealt a shitty hand of cards at some point in your life! It just happened that mine came in adolescent when I my hormones couldn’t really handle what was going on around me, and for a little while I did go off the rails slightly. Not to the extreme but I be would lying if I didn’t admit to the following: Drinking excessively, smoking 40 a day, experimenting in low lower cased drugs, failed high school and had a run in with the law.

However I did realise that the only person who was going to push me through life was only ever going to be myself. So I forced my to go back to school, I worked 2 jobs and got myself a place a university, why I didn’t go is explained here.

At 18 I met this bloke who made me laugh, we got on, had similar outlooks on life and very quickly and unplanned we fell pregnant with our eldest G. This was my true wake up call, I didn’t have myself to push through life anymore I had to make a success for my child’s sake.

That’s what we did, both hubster and I worked hard and got the deposit for our first house. I was just turning 20 and it was hard work having to pay proper bills and still make sure that there was money in the bank account at the end of every month in order to feed ourselves, baring in mind we both only work in a restaurant it wasn’t the easiest of tasks, however we did it and managed to save enough to pay for our wedding.

We then went on to buy our first home as a family, an achievement I will take to the ground that at the age of 20 I managed to buy a home, something which in this day and age is becoming increasingly more difficult.

Since then we have bought another house, managed to still see a lot of the world, have another child, run a car we did have 2 but we took the choice to go down to one, and still have some luxuries in life. I have also managed to set up a business which is going from strength to strength.

I don’t feel like I have had a bad life or that it owe’s me anything. Anything bad that happened to me, which may I add is minimal compared to what some people get put through, I use them to my advantage. It has made me a stronger person.

I love my life, I have a husband who granted isn’t perfect he has done his fair share of silly things, but is perfect to me and has stuck with me through any silly episodes I have put him through and I, couldn’t imagine living this life or bringing up children with anyone other than him. I have been blessed with 2 gorgeous boys who manage to amaze me daily with even the smallest of things, from learning to talk to making me a gorgeous handmade card. I have a sister who is more like my best friend, she is there for me thick and thin. True friends who has ridden my road with me, taken me for the opinionated, outspoken, honest and loyal friend that I am. I have my husband’s family who from day one have taken me in and treated me as their own showing me what true parents are.

So all in all you make your own life, I have chosen not to wallow in my past and look to a brighter future.


4 responses to “Over that Rainbow

  1. Oh I am so glad your story had a happy ending and that you are still living that happiness.
    Well done you.
    I am glad to be following you 🙂
    Liska x

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