Kreativ Blogger Award

Well I have been awarded this Kreativ Blogger award by the both equally fantastic Alyson and Hannah, so I really should get round to actually writing up this abiding the rules.

The rules to this linky award are;

1) Link to 10 Blogs
2) Let the 10 bloggers know they’ve been awarded
3) List 10 facts about you

So 10 facts about me, hmmmm which road to travel the embarrassing one which will pull in more readers or the straight and narrow which will send people to sleep.

1) For a none uniform day once in school a group of friends and I decided we would come in, in fancy dress to raise money, little did I know the joke was on me and I was the one who walked round school for a entire day in 70’s styled hot pant dungarees, yeah thanks for that girls.

2) I had a small part in a Radio 4 play called ‘Not like Enid Blyton’ which was aired Easter Sunday 2000, I was in Lourdes on a school trip and never did get to hear it. P.s I have just found out that is was repeated again 2 years later, well I never got no money from that second time round.

3) Once whilst walking down Chester town centre I proceeded to say hello and how are you to 3 sets of people convinced that I knew them, only for my husband to ask me in the car on the way home why I asked ‘Nick Knowles’ and some of the cast of ‘Hollyoaks’ if they were OK as if I knew them, egg on my face or what.

4) I have auditioned twice for ‘X-factor’ once didn’t get past the first round, second time got through first round couldn’t go any further due to childcare, well I suppose there is always third time lucky.

5) At 13 I broke my wrist in 3 separate places by falling of a chair that was 1 foot on the floor, that could only happen to me.

6) Yesterday I put butter in my Tea instead of Milk, it wasn’t until I drank some that I realised.

7) Other than dying and leaving my children without a mother at a young age my only other fear in life is Lighting which I am convinced is chasing me and going to be a death of me.

8) All my teenage life we had foreign lodgers living in our house, so a long the way I have learnt 1-5 in 10 different languages.

9) I am an only Child yet I have 9 siblings.

10) As a teenager there was a ghost who lived in my mum’s house and it used to play with the telly in my room, turning channels over, switching the TV on in the middle of the night, once even with the plug cut off the wire the telly still managed to switch itself on.


Now on to the 10 people I should link in;











Sorry if you have already been tagged!


One response to “Kreativ Blogger Award

  1. Ha ha ha some really funny ones here that have really made me giggle except the ghost one which has completely freaked me out so I am going to un read that one!! x

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