Starting a new Meme – Thursdays Travels

I love to travel I am extremely lucky to have visited a lot of places in my what is in reality short existence on this planet.

Having children has slowed down travelling however I doesn’t stop me dreaming or in fact seeing what my very own country has to offer.

Last Summer we invested in a touring Caravan we plan to spend a few years seeing what this gorgeous Isle has to offer.

So each week I will set a thprompt each week be it a destination (Eastern Europe) or an Event (Honeymoon), then you tell us all about your experiences or wants to go to in this set place.

I want would like as many people as possible to get involved please don’t feel if you haven’t traveled that you can’t get involved, You can use this space to tell us all about your traveling dreams and your thought on these places good or bad.

It will be a weekly link up and it will start next Thursday 14th April and hopefully by then I will have figured out how to do an HTML button(hint hint help please).

So I look forward to reading all your entries.




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