Flashback Friday – Fudge


This week I dedicate my #FlashbackFriday to our beloved family dog fudge who unfortunately lost his 2 year cancer battle last august.

Fudge is my husband’s family dog, and I was introduced to him before I was introduced to the rest of the family. He was the vetting service haha. I was told all about fudge over the phone with my new boyfriend explaining via text message he was sharing a bed with a leggy blonde, confused as I was I rang him and ask for an explanation, of which my first knowledge of fudge was found. That was December 22nd 2003.

The first time I actually came face to face with him it was Boxing Day on the same year, I remember knocking on the hubster’s house for the first time and being greeted with this dog with an expression on his face looking like he wanted to eat me, I did in fact find out and grow to love that beloved smile of his.

Well by April of the next year I was living at my In Law’s house as I was naughty and with child. This is where my true bond with Fudge started, I worked an evening job and only went to college 3 days a week, so Fudge for the first time had a day time companion, we walked, a lot. We would cuddle up and watch rubbish day time telly, play fight and over all really became as close as if I had known him from a pup. He actually started sleeping on mine and the hubster bed over my in laws bed.

When G came along he was he number #1 protector, we did worry about his reaction to bringing the baby home, but when we place G in his moses basket he took his position guarding the basket and growled at anyone whom didn’t have my permission to pick up or even at times look at the baby. This carried on through G’s life always sitting gaurd and never really leaving his side.

When we moved out and bought our first home we were missing that presence that a dog gave, you never feel lonely, so we did our research and as much as we would have adored another Golden Retriever however our house was too small and it wouldn’t have been fair so we bought a Beagle, the second best breed with children after a Golden Retriever.  Hubster and I are still convinced that buying Toby encouraged Fudge to get through the next 4 years, he had transformed back into a middle-aged dog again. They became the best of friends, when ever we went to the local woods we would pick Fudge up and take him with us. Those final weeks with Fudge was a very emotional one, my in Laws had gone on a 5 weeks trip around Canada and we were sharing the care between ourselves and the husbter’s Nan. If it wasn’t for the fact that he complete went off food you would think he was just old, he was still desperate to go for a walk and smiled when ever you looked at him. He passed away at 3am in the morning, that phone call I had from my husbter’s Nan was the most heartbreaking thing I think I’ve heard she felt so helpless, she hadn’t left his side. Hubster jumped out of bed and got to his Nan’s in less than 10 minutes she lives about 7 miles away. He died of Lymphoma of which at 14 years his body just couldn’t fight any longer. He no longer had a tail and had gone to half the weight of what he was. However for the runt of the little he outlived his siblings by 2 years.

We love and miss you every day Fudge we hope you are still happy up there.

Fudge William Ablerlour 26th March 1996  – 20th August 2010


10 responses to “Flashback Friday – Fudge

  1. Oh Bless you! This has made me all teary. We had to have my Sinjin (a 14 1/2 year old Black Lab) put to sleep on 6 December, 2010. He too had just failed in every sense. It was tragic. I was there the day he was born and there to hold him the day he died. We buried him at my inlaws. I sat and stroked him before we put him in the grave. It was one of the saddest days of my life but he had an amazing life and I will never, ever forget him. Little Miss still talks about him (like he’s coming back) and he lives on through pictures and memories. What a wonderful tribute you’ve written to Fudge. Thank you so much for sharing. 😉


  2. Awwww this brought a lump to my throat. So sorry you all lost Fudge. He sounds like a super dog. I dread the day we lose ours as she is getting older now. x

  3. ahh, that’s so sad, but happy at the same time as you have some great memories of Fudge. I love that 2nd pic – he looks like he’s trying to take a sneaky 40 winks!!

  4. A www what a special post about a gorgeous dog! I used to have a cat called Fudge it’s fab name!
    It’s so sad when a family pet passes away because it’s like losing a family ember. But he sounded such a wonderful dog and what a great name he had it’s entirety x

  5. It never ceases to amaze me how attached we become with our furry friends who become as important family members as everyone else. It’s always really hard losing them and this is a beautiful tribute to Fudge

  6. This made me feel a little teary, Pets are such a huge part of the family, we have lost two dogs over the years and it is just horrible. Its a lovely tribute to Fudge x

  7. Poor you loosing fudge. I have never had to deal with the death of a pet (except for a chicken)- only recently have I acquired my full menagerie, it sounds heartbreaking! Despite the sadness it is a beautiful blog, thanks for sharing!

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