Thank you who ever you were!!!

MAD Blog Awards 2011;

Well I have just had a little look at The MAD award and how shocked was I to find out I have been nominated not just once but twice????

Can I take this moment to thank who ever you were who voted for me.

I have been nominated for

Most inspiring blog


Best New Blog

I now sport a nice new badge on my side column and that alone gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.

If I am right in thinking in order to win either of these rounds you need to be the most nominate in these round then in goes to a judging panel, so I would love it if anyone else would like to nominate me further.

For those who are new to my blog please check out ‘The System’ and ‘Over that rainbow’ or ‘Run a Marathon’ as these appear to be the post that people find inspiring.

And as for best new blog I really wouldn’t know the reply to that one, have a look round and tell me what you think.

Once again a huge thank you to all or anyone that voted for me.


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