Listography – Laminated List



So the lovely Kate’s theme for listography this week is – Laminated List – it is meant to be something to do with Friends and Ross, however never really watching an Friend’s episode I am a little lost to this, what I take it to being is your top 5 hubba, hubba blokes??? Please don’t shoot me if I’m wrong!


1) Joshua Jackson – I have love this man ever since the Mighty Ducks days however really feel head over heels in Dawson’s Creek *wipes drool at the thought*. I did at the age of about 13 try to get my mum to go to Vancouver on holiday so I could hunt him down, because the second he saw in he would fall in love with me, of course, along with my tomboy look and the fact that I was 13, oh to be a teenager again.




2) Tim Cahill – There is something about his bad-boyness that has me drooling every time I watch my beloved team playing, and yes I am on tender hooks every transfer window because the thought of him leaving Everton is cry able!




3) Colin Firth- has been and will always be Mr Darcy to me, I adore him and his work.





4) Tre Cool , I always went against the grain, most people were in love with Billie Joe where as I thought he was a bit too skinny and I always digged the drummer. My only wish would be less eyeliner, but then I suppose that would be him would it.







5) David Duchovny – Being a HUGE  X-Files fan I always loved him, didn’t matter if he was clean-shaven or not washed in a week I still definitely would


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