Movie Meme – World Cinema

Well over at Hannah’s fabulous and hopefully award-winning blog, the theme of her movie meme this week is World Cinema.

So I would like anything that isn’t from the country you’re from – This is to give you a little more option if you don’t watch proper “world cinema” movies. So, if you’re English, anything that isn’t would be fine.

I wouldn’t class myself as a foreign film connoisseur however subtitles in a film are not an off put to me like many a person.  Last weekend in fact we finally got round to watching Amelie which did make my husband and I tickle with laughter.

We are also huge fans of ‘The Girl’ series being blown away by ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’, not being as much of a fan of ‘The Girl who played with Fire’, however like a giddy child awaiting the post today as ‘The Girl who kicked the Hornet’s nest’ in on route.

However the winner in this household time and time again goes to;

Myself and the Hubster were completely blown away by this film, being huge fans of Del Toro and Hellboy being on my list of my all time favourite films I sat in awe of this film from beinning to end.

The vast different between Ofelia’s fantasy world under the house and the revolution that is happening between the very people she lives with makes for 2 completely different but mind-blowing films.

I did when I first saw it thought it would be a children’s film however I was very quickly shown that was not to be true.

My only advice to those who have never watched a subtitled film is give it 5 minutes and I assure you’ll forget that they are there.

Enjoy this film.


5 responses to “Movie Meme – World Cinema

  1. I have seen Pan’s and I have to say I was shocked and I thought that could never happen! Not one I would watch again but think perhaps from yours and Hannah’s comments – I missed the plot! 🙂

  2. Yeeeeeeeees, this film rocks. I remember being completely blown away by it. I love films that aren’t afraid to have a sad (or perhaps bittersweet) ending. And the monster with eyes in his hands scared the crap out of me *shudder*.

    Awesome 🙂

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