My fridge

So when on Monday night I noticed Him up North asking people the contents of people’s fridge, un be knowing to me it was part of a meme and of course in true ‘HIM’ style he adds his own twist, however to find out you will have to go over and look for yourself.

So the contents of my fridge pre-shop;

oh sorry wrong one, this is the fridge for sale on eBay.

now for the real one;

So we have milk, mayo, salad cream, no-alcohol beer which has been there since we held a dinner party 3 months ago but no-one likes the taste, a Stella, lots of cheese, yoghurt, Melon chopped up(ice cream tub), tuna that we have had for months as well, lots of stork(I bake a lot), chicken stock, a gammon joint, leftovers, a cooked jacket spud, ham, lettuce and some peppers. So all in all not as empty as first thought then.


So to tag some unfortunate soul….






So do what it says on the tin, take a photo of the contents of your fridge, write an inventory and tag some blogger, Ja????


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