Listography – My Wedding


Kate’s theme on her Listography this week is My Wedding, so basically it is 5 tips you would give 5 tips you would give Kate for Friday! In other words the 5 things that went wrong on my wedding day!

1) Make sure all your wedding music is sorted, Our Uncle Knobhead (ie Hubster’s brother) was in charge of music and we ended up with no music to walk down the aisle too or the song for our first dance, I really don’t think I will ever forgive that b”£$%^£d for that!

2) Hired a better DJ, we had a teacher from the MIL school and yes he was ok however I think if we had paid for one then more people would have danced.

3) I wish we were more firm with the hotel they made a fortune out of us, 65 sit down with 25 rooms at £150 each, however the rooms were a mess which match sticks hold up the showers in some rooms, and people staying in rooms that other non wedding guests paid £35 for the night, they walked all over us because we were young.

4) We had gotten married 50 minutes from we’re we live, and it snowed the evening of our wedding so it put a lot of people off, so I wish we had put a coach on then more people would have braved the weather and came.

5) The last one is more about the pre-wedding build up, I wish that we would have had a better Hen Do, all I did was going to Liverpool with the girls, and really I wish I had gone aboard I only ever plan to get married once however with my hen do I feel I sold myself short.

However all in all it was one of themost perfect day of mine life, written about in more detail here. And here is to a little over 5 years of marriage.


5 responses to “Listography – My Wedding

  1. Lol loved the uncle knobhead bit. My hen night was spent round my friends house with a total of 5 people. I just couldn’t be bothered to sort anything out in the end because everyone kept changing their minds about what we wanted to do.

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