Movie Meme – Horror

I knew Hannah would finally give in to this week’s topic of Horror films! Mainly the want that scare us.

A lot films as a child scared me, from It that Kizzy has already chosen.

I do love a good horror and a fair few years ago now our local cinema showed horror films back to back all night on Halloween, from a favourite of mine, ‘House on Haunted Hill‘ to ‘The Shining’ all fabulous films.

The film I choose for today is not my favourite film but the film that scared me the most, it actually took me 3 nights to watch it in total, I was pregnant with R so it made my dreams really crazy so wimped out every time the build up happened.

The version I have seen is the 2006 one, since watching I have found out that is was actually a re-make and there is a sequel of which neither I plan to watch as this film really did shit me up,haha!

Really I should have guessed it from the slogan, the lucky ones die first! From deaths of Dog’s to rape this film really did freak me out. I would only suggest watching this film if you like gore and ugly-looking people, as it is really is Hill Billy Hell!!!


6 responses to “Movie Meme – Horror

  1. I’m not sure if I have seen this one, will have to have a look and if not watch it! Thanks for the mention and sorry I had already taken your choice.

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