Bunny Ears!

Well my eldest child really is growing up in front of my very eyes. His first tooth came out over the weekend thus the picture in my Silent Sunday.

We went shopping yesterday for some new shorts, which turned into a huge shopping spree for him, there is downsides to living so close to Cheshire Oaks, so in looking down at the trainer he was wearing it became apparent that he was in urgent need of some new shoes, so into Nike we went and the only shoes they had in his size had laces, arggghhhh, no he is still a baby, far too many milestones for 1 week thank you very much!!! With being a childminder I get very irate when children are sent to me with laces when they haven’t been taught how to tie their own shoelaces, can you imagine how difficult it is to leave the house with 6 children in tow, let alone having to do 6 sets of shoelaces. So I we spent last night researching all the different ways to teach a child to tie shoelaces. It came up with bunny ears, Adam Sandlers “Loop,Swoop and Pull”, looked on Youtube, which made me completely confused and had me questioning how I tied my laces.

So after scratching my head I decided to mock-up a  shoe template for G to use to teach him over and over again before actually wearing his £7 Nike Air Max’s, plus side to living by Cheshire Oaks.


One response to “Bunny Ears!

  1. But he will look really cool in them, I only wish they had them in Auntie Han size too because I would have had a pair too!

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