Movie Meme – Books

So this week’s theme over at the lovely Hannah’s Movie Meme is books, films that has been produced due to a book, and I have to admit this is a very difficult topic for me as I am not shy about hating most films that comes from book as they are not how I have in visioned them in my own mind.

I loved TLOR’s trilogy and I am very keen for ‘The Hobbit’ to be produced, even thought along with Hannah it would have been immense with Del Toro on board.

So I think being honest my favourite films that come from books have to be

Check out everyone’s else’s favourite adaptations here! 


7 responses to “Movie Meme – Books

    • Big shame on you,lol, both films are fab, have to admit though wasn’t into the latest 3 films of Star Wars, also I will be hugely disappointed if they don’t film the final 3 books of star wars, which is Luke’s kids and Leia and Hans Solo’s kids

  1. I preferred the original star wars films to the new ones. My brother was the biggest fan back when we were kids he would eat, sleep and dream about these films. To the point where Mum had a letter from school,saying he was obsessed as every story he wrote was star wars based lol

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