Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday


26 responses to “Silent Sunday

  1. Hmmm *puts thinking cap on* so what’s this all about then?Is that baking powder, milk and a spoon? Outdoor baking?? I am stumped 🙂

  2. A garden deserted by children… mmmmm peaceful! HAHA! Were they trying to bake? Or was this one of those coke and baking soda in a bottle experiments? 🙂

  3. See, if there’d been the usual April showers, your grass would be green. I bet you enjoyed the heatwave though.
    The last 2 days of rain will green your garden up… 🙂

    I am as lost as everyone else about the other elements of the photo x

  4. Looks like fun. Try vinegar with a little food colouring in it and pour the bicarb into it. You should get a lovely colourful foamy whoosh. Obviously do it outside…

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