Breast versus Bottle once again!

So in turning on BBC News this morning there is yet again another debate with regards to Breast/Bottle. I don’t normally pay attention to these as I do feel it is a personal preference.

I tried to breast feed G we spent 4 days post birth trying to feed, and when they whisked my new-born baby to Scubu because his blood sugars had dropped that fast that he needed medical attention, it was then that I made my decision that he would be a bottle fed child.

It was a completely different ball game with R we both took to it really well, I produced milk this time which is always an advantage. I would never say I was the biggest of fans, however I perceived until he was 5.5months.

So today’s debate; Breast fed babies are less troublesome and less clingy?!?

Excuse me but it this household you wouldn’t be more wrong, G is relaxed, an extremely well-behaved child, does fantastic in school, never has a cold or problems with his chest, Gabriel doesn’t do cuddles or affection.

R on the other hand is the cheekiest of the cheek, screams even if he is left with his Dad, has suffered since birth with ear infections, has been in hospital twice because he’s stopped breathing, suffers terribly with toddler diarrhea, R needs to touch you, he needs to know you are near.

I love the pair of them equally, I adore the fact that I couldn’t get 2 more different children if I tried. They are individual and this I continue to encourage. I don’t think it has anything to do with how they were fed in the first place, and even if it was Oxford University you have it wrong in this household!


2 responses to “Breast versus Bottle once again!

  1. Its strange i tried with chloe for few days and was told to stop so never carried on this was due to health.

    My mum breast fed us all and my 2 youngest brother and sister and the most clingy children ever.

    My aunt never fed her first but did her second and can tell you now she wont ever do it again.

    Most people i know have said they wont ever breast feed again as it cause more trouble in the long run.

  2. I breast fed my first four. When my daughter was born premature, I wasn’t fit to do it. I worried thinking she needed it more than the others becuase she was smaller and weaker. But any way 17 months on, apart from her injections she has never been near the doctors since she left neo natal uni, never had a sniffle or a tummy upset. She is the hardiest child and just so healthy. I really beat myself up at the time but now I can see for myself that breast feeding is great if it works, but it really is not the be all and end all.

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