Flashback Friday – Hair

So I like to be a bit odd and change my look quiet a lot, I do this with my hair, looking through my photos for #flashbackfriday

So we’ll start off with my punk phase

I am at a Green Day gig, and my hair was red, white and black strips all round I loved this hair style however red od HIGH maintenance.

Once I had G and we had gotten married I grew my hair out

That is is longest I can ever remember my hair being, my hair is not far off this now as my best friend is getting married and she wants to have my hair a certain way so I duly oblige.

Then I chopped it off and put a colour on again

Nothing like a bit of Jet Black to bring out the Eye colour hey (as for the attire I was on a hen do)

Then I grew out the colour and went back natural and I pretty much lived in a long bob for a long time

Then I had a mini mid-life once R was born and went completely un me

Short and Blonde, never thought it would be me but do you know what I adored this hair style, would have it now if it wasn’t for the above reason.

So it leaves my current style and sorry it’s not the best photo I have currently

So that’s my life through hair, It is truly amazing how much you can change from sitting in a hairdressers hey!

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9 responses to “Flashback Friday – Hair

  1. That is quite some hair history! Love the short, blond style.
    I always think that I am going to get a new look but somehow it always ends up looking the same, maybe I’m ready for a midlife crisis and a major dye job.

  2. Wow! You have had some great ‘do’s’ my favourite is the second to last one – it suits you the best and you look very pretty 🙂

  3. Wow you must have a great hairdresser! My locks have taken a lot in my fifty-odd years… my Mum’s friend’s experiments with colour (she was a hairdresser), frizzy perms on long hair for the Krystal Tips look in the late 70s, shaved short for charity in the 80s and more recently Middle East humidity which takes my bob and turns it into a curly mop in places! Fortunately photo evidence is few and far between.

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