An Interesting Saturday!

So on Saturday I finally got to meet some of the lovely people for the BrewDrinkThink  Awards including Beckicklesie, Metal Mummy, Princess Livi and Petite Mom.

So the day started off well had a little lie in from the boys, then we had a lovely full English, it’s always good to start they day off with one of those wouldn’t you agree.

Then off to get ready a quick trip to watch G play football, a mother’s work is never done.

I then headed to Liverpool coach station to wait for my National Express coach, granted travelling down the M6 the day of a major football final may not have been the cleverest of mine, however I didn’t count on drunken 40 year old scouse women and a broken chemical loo to make it one of the worst trips of my life. Granted it may have only cost me £8.50 but I wish I’d paid the extra and gotten the train over 3 hours of wanting to be sick and listening to those woman who are clearly not getting any as that all they spoke about.

So I get into Birmingham which I have to admit is a bustling city, filled with cultural and diversity nothing like Liverpool and certainly not my insular peninsular . The mix of new with old buildings is really quiet pretty and complements its personality.

I then met up with the girls who were all lovely, slightly more reserved than I thought however when I am nervous I go very loud and appear to be filled with confidence however please note this is my coping method, I am secretly dying inside.

After a little trip round Birmingham hunting for a Tesco ( lesson learnt is when you know a city and other people don’t what you think is close, isn’t). We went back to get ready for  the awards and we had all started to relax got chatting like us girls do, and that is where we had our first run in with our restaurant for the evening. We had informed them that we were going to be running later than scheduled however they phoned to ask where we where?

So then to get dressed as quick as a flash and jump the first taxi we could find and head to Malmaision.

So it was buzzing however they sat us down quickly and gave us enough time to order our food.  We ordered a bottle of each coloured wine, only Rose and Red turned up, leaving poor Livi drinkless. Every place makes small mistakes yes?

So out started arrived very quickly and they looked fabulous, I had Squid, Razor clams and Chorizo which was good. We then waited a small while for our mains, which is fine we all like a break between dishes. I had the Ragout, It was smaller than my starter, it tasted fine however whilst Becca’s and Hannah’s raw liver, yes you read that right raw liver was being sent back and returned with another meal I had completely finished my meal. However before the manager took the meals away to get more ordered she had the cheek to ask if either of the girls had eaten Liver before??? I mean seriously if you had never has liver before you wouldn’t try it in a restaurant costing over £15 if you think you’re not going to like it are you, plus the fact that 2 people from our table were returning it? Seriously some people! So they had a steak instead which was not cooked to their specification. They finished their mains and went on to desserts which I didn’t order not really a pudding gal you see, however everyone else appeared to enjoy.

At 22:30 we decided to order some cocktails, we went outside to get some air as it was boiling inside by the time we had a chat we realised it was 22:55 and we should go back inside for our drinks to find out they still weren’t on our table along with the water I had asked for nearly an hour prior. A little after 23:00 our cocktails finally arrived no apology nothing.

To be fair the service  over all was appalling, the restaurant wasn’t busy, the bar part may have been however at that time it no longer was and to pay what it paid at the end of then I would not recommend that restaurant to anyone, I will pay money for great food and great service and that place had neither.

Helen left to go home and we went on to party, got in a hackney who took us all the way round Birmingham to con us out of money, ended up in Reflex having a darn good boogie to 80’s cheese.

We then went back to the hotel to announce the awards, never a good idea after the sheer amount we had all drank, I think we laughed more than anything else. So glad I filmed it so that got to re watch who actually won what.

I then had to say my own good byes and head back to get the over night coach home, sad but hubster was due in work the next day so I had to go. Racking up at the station I then found out that the coach was due to stop right outside my house however I was having to go all the way to Liverpool and then get home, annoyed was not the word.

The only plus of this coach was that it didn’t smell, however it was very loud and even at 3am in the morning half cut I couldn’t sleep, by the time we got to Chester the coach driver informed us the coach was broken and we needed to get off and take taxi’s to Liverpool, can you imagine how I felt!

Once squeezed in to the taxi with 3 big blokes, the driver chatted complete crap all the way to Liverpool then I shouted at him when he took the wrong turn to the coach station, telling me he knew where he was going, of which I replied  so the coach we were following through the tunnel was going the wrong way then wasn’t it, arggggghhhhhh!

Once I finally got home I climbed into and got the whole of 1 hours kip before I had to take G to cricket, looking at myself I looked awful however had a great night and learnt a few lessons haha.

I did have an amazing night regardless of the ongoings with the restaurant though, I think I laughed more that night that I have done in a long time. I met some fabulous ladies and I cna’t wait for the next gathering, on it like a bonnet!


6 responses to “An Interesting Saturday!

  1. Sounds like incredible fun.
    And why was the coach due to pass your house but you couldn’t get off there (not a stop?) and even worse then it broke down.
    Love your new header by the way – please don’t tell me it’s been there for ages as I will feel bad that it’s a while since I visited?
    Liska x

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