Movie Meme – Detectives

So after a little break to Turkey that the Lovely Hannah over at Metal Mummy had, MMMM is back up and running this week with the theme Detectives.

So speaking at some length with Hannah at the BDT Awards  it appeared that I didn’t know that many detectives as I clearly don’t follower this genre that much, the Hubster on the other hand is a avid fan and wouldn’t be able to choose between Bad Boys with Martin Lawrence being his favourite or Die Hard Quadrilogy with the infamous Bruce playing John McClane.

So yes I have watched these films but I wouldn’t say I was a huge fan, I had to look down the DVD rack, The Bone Collector, Good but not a fave. Se7en however I’m not allowed to use at one its been taken by a lovely lady.

Known struck a cord, researched online The Usual Suspects don’t shot me but didn’t like it, L.A Confidential  a film that is meant to be amazing but I am still to watch, Chinatown again another film that comes up over and over again but I’ve never seen it.

It then dawned on me a film I love adore, a certain line still creates goosepimples every time he’s say’s her name in his evil way!

Winning an amazing 5 Oscars, and even 20 years later is still one of the top 500 films researched online to date.

So my favourite detective is ……

Clarice Starling

and just to leave you with one of my favourite parts!


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