The Gallery – I’m Grateful For …

This week over at Tara’s weekly meme, she want to promote the fact that Christine from Thinly Spread is currently in Mozambique for Save the Children, follow her progress here and also please please pleasssssssssssse sign the petition and pass it on!

So what I am grateful for, well I thought I’d go back to the basics;

A roof over our families head

Running water and more so hot

A warm safe bed to climb into at night

and of course I am more than grateful for

my wonderful husband

and for our 2 healthy and happy boys who never have to worry about anything!

Even if they don’t appear to be grateful to have me as their mother in these pictures!


18 responses to “The Gallery – I’m Grateful For …

  1. I agree with all you have said here. We ate so lucky and have so much to be grateful (and thankful) for. Your two boys look right little cheeky monkeys!! Gorgeous too xx

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