What type of writer are you?

Do you know what genre you write? I haven’t a clue, I am not a review writer, nor am I a serious journo type writer. I don’t write short novels and much to my dismay I do not write comedy.

I would love to be a comical writer, to have you belly laughing with almost every post, unfortunately I feel the joke maybe on me most of the time with my writing.

So I put it out to you, what genre of writer are you? and what genre of writer am I?


6 responses to “What type of writer are you?

  1. Interesting question. There has to be a new genre that encompasses bloggers who veer from funny one minute and heart wrenching the next! Whatever sort of writer you are, you are very interesting to read 🙂

  2. It’s an interesting question. I feel we are what we are and however that comes out, you can’t change it. To all accounts I write with quite a natural, easy to read speaking sort of voice (others have said). Having got 60k words into writing some fiction for young adults, the people who have read it say it’s easy to read. My hubby, on the other hand, writes very technically. He thinks about sentence structure and appropriate use of punctuation. This works a lot better for some people. I find it harder to read tbh.
    So the genre I write for is young adult. I love reading the Pratchett style work though. In blog land, I love those posts that poke fun at themselves and make me laugh out loud. I am not that funny so have to settle for honesty!

  3. Well (so I’m told!) I’m hilarious when I tell stories down the pub. At the moment I’m writing a memoir about my experiences as a superyacht stewardess and I suppose I am a humour writer but I’m not as funny in print as in real life!

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