Well screw you then!

So we fell out, you crushed me and made me feel like shit. You ignored my son when going into hospital, then saw your arse because you weren’t invited to his party!

A few months went by, I said sorry when it wasn’t even my fault, hubster sent a letter asking to move on you had ignored him.

You had another baby we sent a card to show no spite, you asked to move on and to rebuild our friendship, we agreed

Since then though nothing, I have tried to organise times to meet up however you don’t reply, I see you in the park, you pretty much brush me off and what nothing to do with me.

You hurt me in the first place, you lied to me. You broke my heart and made me feel worthless, yet you begin to do it again, all I ever tried to do was a be a good friend, help you out when and where you needed it yet you choose to brush me off and have nothing to do with me, so screw you and your family, you will regret this I will assure you, I may not know an awful lot but what I do know and I am 100% sure of is I am a good friend, I will go to the moon and back when you need me day or night, this is your loss I will not lose anymore sleep or shed another tear over this!


7 responses to “Well screw you then!

  1. Powerful post. Sorry to hear you’ve been through this. I had similar recently and I’ve given up trying to be a friend to be honest. I was let down time after time, I was always the one organising to get together. Their loss hun. They’ll regret it. Be strong xx

  2. Well said *claps*
    I went through something similar a while ago. We now have no contact at all and I can tell you I lose no sleep over it any more. A person can only take so much.

  3. Well said…fabulous post.

    We were recently on the receiving end of something similar. Our “friends” (I use the word very loosely) unfriended us because we didn’t take our daughter to their daughters party. The reason, dd had raging gastroenteritis with bum burning diarrhoea, an inability to keep water down and a temperature of 39 – so we thought best not to expose all those babies, mummies and our pregnant fiend (10 weeks). Apparently it was the most horrible thing and landed us a horrible text message slagging off our little girls birthday lunch.

    Idiots! We are best without them…all of us!

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