Husband are you allergic to the toilet brush

Right I am putting it out there, is it just my husband or are all males allergic to the toilet brush?

My husband has a foul arse at the best of times, but like this morning  I dreaded the beer gut!

He disappears with laptop(the males of this generation have upgraded from the broadsheet), that’s the first thing thy annoys me because I know he is planning on being there for a while, “I’ve had dodgy stomach for the past few days”, so course the beers last night had nothing to do with this.

The second thing to annoy me is the lack of closing the bathroom door, I mean seriously you are the one that subjected your body to all that beer, keep the smell trapped in so only you can smell it please! Seriously that smell lingers in my sofa for hours!!!

Then the third and most annoying trait is his complete and utter lack of using a brush afterwards! It really does baffle me why he thinks it’s acceptable for the toilet to be left in that state!

Am I alone? Does your other half suffer with allergy too?


9 responses to “Husband are you allergic to the toilet brush

  1. I’m a lucky one. James actually cleans it up after he’s exploded his insides all over the bowl.

    For that, I thank him.

    For the poo particles that linger for hours, I don’t thank him. At all.

  2. Yes! Mine never uses the toilet brush either! He is good at shutting the door so the smell has normally gone by the time I’ve stayed away for ten minutes but he has never used the toilet brush in eight years. I just don’t understand why, I mean he wouldn’t not flush the toilet so why leave it covered in poo?!

  3. Thankfully he doesn’t have a laptop or I would never see him as he could sit in there for hours!!! He is pretty good at cleaning it up but I cannot forgive him for the oxygen contamination he causes, and I sometimes wonder if it could cause the children some sort of brain damage it’s that strong!!!
    God help me though as my kids are boys too……..I think I will need my own granny flat to survive!!

  4. I could have written that myself! before our bbq today he asked me what else needed doing, I said you can clean the downstairs loo (the one only he uses). his reply – what else do you need doing? I despair 😦

  5. I’m living with my father in law at the moment who has had a very explosive behind for the past few months… One day he’d even left some on the seat X-O And my brother in law, who also lives here, threw up into the sink last week and didn’t clean it up properly. There were chunks of semi-digested steak in the plug hole! 😦 Glad I’m not alone!

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