Glastonbury 2011

Well what can I say, it has nearly been a week since I experienced Glastonbury for the first time. What can I say about it, well what can’t I say about it may sum it up more.

I left home on Wednesday night, bombing it down the M6 music of my choice blasting from the speaker, it was fantastic, don’t get me wrong I adore my boys and my mindee’s however that normality feeling was euphoria. When on the M5 I passed a tour bus, the butterflies started I was actually going to watch some fantastic live music over the weekend.

Once at my sisters I plodding round made sure everything was packed properly, went for lunch at the loveliest most quaint little Tea Rooms In South Cadbury. She made every herself even the bread and it was just divine to be honest and so cheaply priced if I live more local I’d be there in a shot.

So once we had been well fed we headed in, the traffic was a little built up but no more than I expected, and anyhow I had gorgeous campervans to drool over. We got into the site up my put up tent up, sorted out my stuff and before headed into the festival I braved the Portaloo’s. However I did need to phone the hubster for moral support in doing so and after entering and swiftly leaving 5 portaloo’s by being faced with mountains already I finally found one that was cleanish, well as clean as is was going to be the next  4 days. It’s fair to say the long drops and a cider pint cup became my friends.

When heading down the campervan fields to get into pedestrian gate C there is a MASSIVE hill you have to walk down however at the top you get the most amazing view of the festival site. I always knew it was going to be big, however until you experience it for yourself nothing quiet describes the sheer enormity of the place.

I received my swag and headed in, the campervan fields were still quiet grassy well inside wasn’t it was already a muddy mess by Thursday afternoon, walking round I booked onto a BSL course, bought a hat and some proper scram from ‘The Mean Machine’ which consisted of  sausage, chip and cheese all on top of a baguette, yum I hear you say! We went up to the Stonecircle and had a sit and just watched the night go by it was amazingly calm and all a bit hippyish up there, but do you know what I loved it, I think by that point the smell of green every where had started getting to me.

Friday morning we were woken up by U2’s sound checks, we had breakfast and headed in, I had my BSL course so I went separate ways with Hannah and really enjoyed learning something new, half way through the rain started and it didn’t end then till Saturday. I opened my festival with Wu-Tang Clan, I have to say they were pretty rubbish every other word was a swear word and I only knew Gravel Pit which they didn’t even sing the whole song, however I watched it. It then went into a bit of BB King, watched the frist 2 songs by him, that is something about Glastonbury I learnt by the end is it is the only place I will get to see such amazing legends sing. It walking back to make dinner we stopped off and watched some Newton Faulkner in the Acoustic tent, he was amazing, I always thought he would be a good live act but he exceeded expectations. After a break we headed back down and watched the first handful of Mumford & Sons, well it would have been criminal not to really wouldn’t it, they were fantastic however not really knowing them Hannah and I headed over to the West Holt Stage for Chase and Status, I did honestly think we were going to watch Jason Derulo, so to say I was shocked when they started was an under estimation, Hannah said they were amazing so I will take her word on that one. After them we watched a few songs by Cee-Lo Green, he was good as I thought, a big character wearing some weird outfit, we heading back to The Pyramid Stage were we caught the end of U2 and to be honest they were rubbish, and to think people pay the same price I did for the entire weekend as some people do just on one concert of their’s no thanks. I ended the Friday on Barenaked Ladies, I was cold and wet to the bone however having a darn good boogie to One Week really made up for it.

Saturday Morning I went in early bought a paper and got my lovely free swag bag from The Guardian, then sat in the Chill and Charge (basically a huge tent sponsored by Orange where there are a load of charging points for every type of phone you can think of), sat down and read the paper, I can’t quiet remember the last time I did that, I had a mooch around the shops bought the boys their gifts then went to the Cinema to watch Tangled in 3D, yes you read that right there was everything you could think of here, even down to a Wizard school. Tangled wouldn’t work however we watched Despicable Me , very funny, then headed off to watch Rumer, Hannah took me right to the front of the Pyramid stage and watched her, she was good, her mic could have done with being turned up a bit but still very good, from her we went into Tinie Tempah and I have to say he was fantastic really got the crowd going, it’s amazing when you are in a crowd at a live music event it doesn’t seem to matter what music style you like you get drawn into who ever is on.  I then watched a couple of songs by Paulo Nutini who I didn’t rate much, it peaked too early, We then went to Friendly Fires, and his dance moves were pretty amazing I have to say. Then after even more walking we caught the second half of Elbow and what bad can I say about them, none because they were fantastic. I watched the opening song to Coldplay, urrrrgggghhh, for those who know me know I don’t like Coldplay, however Hannah and I decided to stay until we heard a song we knew,  all of sudden the stage went black 10 second the area was flooded in Yellow Lights, Hannah and I just laughed, out of all the songs the one I hate the most is Yellow so once again we trekked in the mud over to the Other Stage to watch Chemical Brothers, I am surprised that I don’t have upper legs of steel. Chemical Brothers were good, again I am not normally a fan but the light  display was very good.

We had already decided that, that night we would do Shangri La, we had gotten to what we thought was the front of the queue fairly early at attempting to get in about 11:30pm. Once getting to the railings it became hell on Earth I was being pushed into the person in front backpack as person behind kept pushing me I knew it was not their fault however it was an unbelievably scary experience and just as you thought it was over the walk began, Hannah and I must have walked for well over an hour before we actually made it to the entrance of Shangri La, I have mobility problems and at this point along with the mud it was becoming increasingly more painful for me and I then had to walk all the way from the opposite side of the festival yet again to get back to the gate out. Once in Shangri La both Hannah and I were that annoyed and tired and it was heaving in there that we couldn’t be bothered, we attempted to walk across the sky walk however there were closing it, I was so upset I felt like crying. It was just an area filled with people off their trolley on drugs whilst dance music played not my cup of tea at all. We got back to the campervan at 3:15am of which I just curled up into bed and very nearly cried myself to sleep.

Sunday morning I woke up in a brighter mood as this was the day music wise I had been looking forward to the most. It was gloriously sunny I put my dress on pulled down my tent sorted my stuff out had breakfast and went to get prime position for Don McLean, I caught the end of The Low Anthem a hippy trippy band but hey ho I’m sure some people enjoyed them, Once Don came on I was right on the front row and with the sun blasting down singing away to songs like Vincent, Crying and American Pie I was in my element and in looking back at the highlights I was on the telly, woohoo(you wouldn’t be able to pick me out it’s just I knew where I was stood haha). I then went for a walk around the site, watching a few acts in the circus field, I watched an Act called Wilfredo who I can strongly say was side side-splittingly funny. I met back up with Hannah at the end of Paul Simon where the area around the Pyramid Stage was heaving, we watched Plan B together who were good and I then headed to The Other Stage in time for Kaiser Cheif’s, in watching the end of the Eels, I stood towards the back and after a while I was getting tired I had noticed a man sitting on a bench had been staring at me, it was only then that it had dawn on me that with not going to the toilet for 4 days did had it made an impact on my stomach, the bloke proceeded to offer me a seat for a while so I did what any kind-hearted, loving girl would do and sodding well took the seat, haha. I Watched the Kaiser’s who were mediocre to say the least and then headed inwards for Queen’s of The Stone Age. They were amazing and while throwing myself around in a mosh pit I had forgotten for that short amount of time that I was a wife, mother, carer and I was just me and for that I that them and of course they were out of this world.

I drove home that night, driving through the night was interesting going back up the M5/M6 with only other festival goer’s to keep me company and getting home just in time to take G to school and seeing his, R and the hubster’s face was amazing, I missed them dearly however I has an amazing time away and would suggest to anyhow if you can hire a campervan or have a caravan to take so you have your own loo go and have a ball and I’ll see you in 2013!


7 responses to “Glastonbury 2011

  1. I went 20 years ago (gosh I am so old) it had half the crowd it has now, and was an amazing experience. I read your post with interest, I love watching it on the TV but the sheer size of the crowds would do my head in.
    Seems you made the best of it.

  2. well done! I couldn’t do it. I did a scooter rally once and all the clambering in and out of a tent on a cold,hard,ground gave me bruised knees for days. Glad you had the experience though, and thanks for sharing 🙂

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