Child’s Play

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As with everything in life there comes a time were fall out happen. However due to the powers of modern technology everything these days is in our faces and blown completely out of proportion.  There is a twitter fight going on at the moment, of which I have taken a step back to watch it unravel itself before forming an option and for those who know me will be very proud of me for doing so.

I have a natural alliance for one side as it has been nicer to me in starting in the blogging world than the other, taken the time out to comment on my blog and actually read it even suggest me to other more experienced bloggers, where as the other side has its clique and unless you are in it you are nothing really.

However this wasn’t about me so before I formed my opinion I read both sides and to be honest it is very much child’s play, this person does this, so the other side does that, which then in turn makes the other side retaliate all over again and so on and so forth.

From what I have read one side very much has egg on its face and needs to realise that the higher you climb unfortunately the faster and harder you fall and in this game you need to be making alliances and not pushing people away.

For now I still sit on the fence I am a member of both groups as it is social networking after all, and I here to write my thoughts down to stop them from eating my brain from the inside out, but remember we are all grown adults and need to stop performing such child’s play.


3 responses to “Child’s Play

  1. Ooooh great post. I am not sure if I know the full details behind though – well maybe I do f it’s what I think it is? Is it? Hmm….
    I think it’s silly when things become so public and matters cannot be resolved through normal old fashioned ways. I guess its a sign of the times xx

    • I know it’s really sad isn’t it! And yes it unfortunately a sign of the times, I have been guilty of it myself, however it all seems very tit for tat and yes I do think we are talking about the same thing!

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