Where is my life headed?

Do you ever get that feeling that you don’t know in what direction your life is travelling?
I get it after big events! It’s my come down I suppose, and with nothing to really look forward to, or sink my teeth into, I easily become bored and slightly depressed.

I am never happy unless I am moving at 100mph, as I am currently lying in bed writing this instead of getting up and ready to take G to school I think it’s fair to say I’m currently going at about 25mph.

There are a few ideas in the pipework and I’m hoping on pulls off, so watch this space for the speed freak to return.


2 responses to “Where is my life headed?

  1. I too like to have loads going on I hate it if I haven’t I work much better with a little stress, although I have too much going on at the moment that is horrible too!

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