The Gallery – Grandparents

So after a fair few weeks off due to busyness, broken laptops and misplacing cameras I haven’t joined in this week however this week I am going to make the effort to.

I’ll start off with my Nan, due to my Mum and Nan not having the best of relationships I never got to spend as much time with her as I’d like. She was a proper scouse woman big of heart and strong of mouth. If she wasn’t happy she’d tell you. She died of a stroke In October 2005 seeing her in her hospital bed all fragile and out of control was ever such an awful imagine. In fact I walked past my Nan’s bed 5 times in the hospital before I realised it was actually her, of which then I broke down.

However I leave you with a picture of her as I remember her a glamorous woman who always took such care in her appearance. This photo is my eldest’s niece’s christening back in 1992.

Now being a parent there are more ‘Grandparents’ in my life, which I do have a bit of a love hate relationship with both sets of my boys Grandparents which I spoke about in the past.

However even with their faults my boys do adore their Grandparents more so my husband’s folks, so here’s to them.


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5 responses to “The Gallery – Grandparents

  1. Your nan ia very glamourous in that first photo isn’t she? I love the photonof your boy and s grandad standing by the waters edge with the same stance! Very funny and sweet xx

  2. Family is difficult isn’t it. When my Dad died my mother had nothing but vitriol for her Mother-in-law and it was hard to hear. But she clearly had a big impact on their relationship and I hardly ever saw her as a result. I has made me think hard about my own Mother-in-law and her relationship with my children – they have a right to know her, whatever I think.

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