So I promised I had been brewing up about the passport’s over on twitter so here it is.

When filling out my eldest boy’s passport form 6 years ago I was told and I read that you pay that once and I think it was round the £30 mark and then in 5 years time you have a free renewal on their passport for the next 5 years, you just get their photo’s changed.

So when the 5 years was coming to an end I got in touch with the passport office of which they basically made me feel like I was a lunatic and that this procedure has never happened and that I would need to do a full renewal and it would cost me £49!!!

I was fuming, I seriously starting thinking that I had lost the plot and had I been having dreams about passports 5 years earlier. As we knew we couldn’t afford to go aboard that year I decided that I wasn’t going to buy him a new passport until I knew we were going to need one as I wasn’t having a year of it wasted.

Well 3 weeks ago we went to book a family trip to Disneyland Paris for October half term of which the travel agent asked if we could bring our passports in at some point just so we are valid for travel. I explained it would be a while with G’s as I need to buy a new one and explained my little story, of which she then near jumped over the counter and gave me a hug, explaining that she too thought she had gone insane as she remembers being told this and her child is about 6 month’s older than mine. So why did it stop and why weren’t we given the correct information.

Anyhow in filling out the forms this week, it got to payment and it was no where in the notes booklet it just informed me that I needed to look it up online, well I was already annoyed and that just chipped at me even more, why oh why shouldn’t I have to do any more research than I already have to, just have it written down in the booklets you lazy people.

So it looking at the price I almost flipped my lid not only had it increased by £19 in 5 years also a full 10 year adult passport only costs £28 more. Firstly they are children so I would have thought it would be half the price automatically and secondly you can only use the god forsaken thing for half the amount of time, well technically only 4 years and 6 months but that’s a rant for another day. It’s plain wrong if you ask me, and it’s the Governments way of forking money out of those whom they shouldn’t be!


One response to “Passports?

  1. The prices are outrageous. Both my passport and my 2 boys have run out. My youngest will go to fance with the school on a day trip in Oct/Nov so we have to get his done but we will leave the rest as it costs a fortune and we don’t want to waste a year or two, as we are not planning a holiday abroad!! Madness x

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